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The Lawyer Referral Network (LRN) utilizes a technology platform that empowers leading legal organizations to serve clients more effectively, from intake to potential referrals. Through this user-friendly platform, LeGaL can better evaluate each client’s legal issue and, where possible, provide referrals to helpful resources, including local organizations and LGBT-friendly attorneys.

Two Ways to Reach the LeGaL Lawyer Referral Network (LRN)


Visit to access our web-based community and referral network.

Click on “Find a Lawyer” and follow the prompts to submit your legal inquiry.

By Phone

Call (212) 459-4873 and provide all information listed below. Please speak clearly and slowly, and repeat your call-back number.

  1. Your first and last name
  2. Your phone number
  3. Your email address
  4. A brief description of your legal problem

If you need an attorney referral, please follow the instructions provided above.  In most instances, referrals submitted through our online platform will receive a quicker response, but LeGaL will seek to respond to all inquiries as soon as possible. Please note that referrals are to attorneys who expect to be paid for their services should you retain them; such fees should be discussed directly with the attorney.  If you are looking for information on our free legal services, please visit our legal clinics homepage or our online legal resource center.

Based on your description of the issue involved, you will be given the name and contact information of an attorney or attorneys who have indicated a willingness to consider cases in your area of need. A referral is no guarantee that a lawyer will agree to represent you.

Please also note the following:

  • LeGaL’s Lawyer Referral Network does not itself engage in the practice of law and cannot answer legal questions or give legal advice, but instead offers to refer you to a private attorney who may charge a fee for his or her services.  During your consultation with a referral attorney, you should discuss any legal issues that you may have and any retainer fee or other fees that may apply should you choose to retain the attorney.
  • No fee is charged to submit a matter for the referral service.  However, if you retain an attorney through the referral service, the attorney may provide LeGaL a small referral fee.
  • LeGaL cannot guarantee the outcome of any representation.  Attorneys listed on the service certify that they are admitted to practice and in good standing, have a malpractice insurance policy, and have experience in the areas of law in which they request to be listed.
  • LeGaL generally only provides referrals to lawyers located within the NYC/NJ greater metropolitan area.

If you are an attorney interested in being listed on the LeGaL Lawyer Referral Network, please e-mail  for more information.

For complete details on the program, please read the Mentoring Program Manual.

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