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LGBT Families and Couples

*Please note that with the recent decision striking down Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) many of the resources provided below may no longer be accurate to the extent they reference certain aspects of DOMA. Though we have begun posting new resources (and we anticipate posting more here soon), we urge you to seek additional assistance from our legal clinics, our attorney referral service or by consulting the organizations who are linked to from our site before making any decisions.  Also, developments in this area are occurring rapidly and may vary widely from one jurisdiction to another. For further information, please visit After DOMA What It Means For You (2013).



Marriage Equality in New York


How to Get a New York Marriage License


Helpful Articles On NY Marriage Equality


Domestic Partnerships in New York City


Adoption / Guardianship / Parenting




Resources that May Be Especially Relevant for members of the LGBT Community Presently in Opposite-Sex Marriages:


Family/Medical Leave


Other Resources Relating to LGBT Relationship Recognition & Protection