Calendar Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting an event for our community events calendar!

Some general guidelines about our calendar are provided below. Any questions should be directed to

We generally welcome the following postings for inclusion on our calendar, especially those with an LGBT focus or component:

  1. Continuing legal education programs, including traditional courses and training or information sessions for activities that will qualify an attorney to receive CLE credit
  2. Workshops and similar gatherings aimed primarily or in significant part at enhancing the professional development of attorneys or law students
  3. Lectures and other educational events that may be of significant interest to lawyers and law students
  4. Free networking or similar events of interest to attorneys and/or law students
  5. Other events that strike our fancy.

In general, we will not post the following events to our calendar*:

  1. Events that are primarily fundraisers (e.g., organizational annual dinners). For LGBT community fundraising events please consider submitting your event to the community fundraising calendar maintained by The LGBT Community Center.
  2. Events occurring outside the New York metropolitan area
  3. Events that are primarily partisan in nature (e.g., political club meeting)
  4. Events offered by for-profit or commercial entities, which charge an admission fee or otherwise fail to meet the community-oriented mission of this calendar (e.g., events that are more a business promotion/marketing tool than a community event will not be featured)
  5. Events that appear unlikely, at our discretion, to appeal to a significant portion of our existing membership or are determined to be unsuitable for posting on our site for any other reason.


* Exceptions: We cannot detail all exceptions but some are inevitable, especially for organizations and entities that provide complimentary cross-postings to us or other support of our organization. That is, we like to spread the word about events offered by our supportive community partners and sponsors because without you and our member we wouldn’t even be able to offer this calendar!