CLE Center

CLE Center

We are an accredited CLE provider in New York and hold programs throughout the year on topics of special interest to the LGBTQ community, as well as courses aimed at the profession more broadly.

A list of recent CLE courses is below. Online access to materials from select courses is also provided below; in some instances, content is limited exclusively to members in good standing of our Association.

Important Notice:  We provide the information linked to below as a service to our membership and the communities our members serve.  While we try to provide quality information, we make no claims, promises, warranties or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the information contained in or linked to below.  Legal developments occur rapidly and some of the information should be consulted for historical purposes only.  This information does not constitute legal advice.  Nothing provided herein entails, should be construed as, or should be used as a substitute for the advice of competent counsel and/or as a substitute for your own legal research.

CLE Courses and Materials



LGBT Law 2017 Year in Review (members-only)



LGBT Law 2016 Year in Review (members-only)

Name Change Training CLE (click here for course materials)

Immigration 101: Quick and Useful Immigration Law for Family and Matrimonial Practitioners (click here for video of course)

Love’s Promises: A Conversation with Professor Martha Ertman

Digital Assets: Planning, Protection, and Probate | New York's New EPTL Article 13-A

Recognition & Remedies: Domestic Violence in the LGBTQ Community



LGBT Law 2015 Year in Review (members-only)

Practice in Surrogate's Court: Advice and War Stories from Court-Attorney Referees (click here for course materials)

The Past, Present, and Future of Gay Parenting Law in New York (click here for course materials)



What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You – The Roles of the Attorney General and Public Administrator in Surrogate’s Court Proceedings (click here for course materials)

LGBT Law 2014 Year in Review (members-only)



Alternatives to Guardianships for the LGBT Client (click here for course materials)

10 Things Every Solo and Small Firm Practitioner Should Know About (members-only)

LGBT Law 2013 Year in Review (members-only)



LGBT Immigration: What Windsor Means for LGBT Immigrant Families (click here for course materials)

If Our Marriages End: A CLE on Same-Sex Divorce (members-only)

Drafting Wills For Low-Income LGBT Community Members (click here for course materials)

Know Your Criminal and Employment Law CLE: Common Issues Facing the LGBTQ Community (click here for course materials)

LGBT Law 2012 Year in Review (members-only)



LGBTQ Youth in the Schools (click here for course materials)

LGBT Law 2011 Year in Review (members-only)

Family & Housing Law CLE: Common Issues Facing the LGBTQ Community (click here for course materials)

Immigration Law CLE



Impact of Marriage Equality in New York (members-only)

Recent Changes to the Estate Tax Laws: Impact on the LGBT Community (members-only)

Should We or Shouldn’t We? (click here for course materials)

Drafting Wills for Low-Income LGBT Clients in NYS (click here for course materials)

LGBT Law 2010 Year In Review (members only)

Starting, Maintaining & Improving Your Own Practice