LeGaL’s Family & Matrimonial Law Section (“FMLS”)

The Family and Matrimonial Law Section ("FMLS") is the first Section for LeGaL and represents an expansion of LeGaL's committee-based structure.  The FMLS offers members who practice, or have an interest in, family and matrimonial law a combination of resources, access to events, and discourse uniquely focused on the intersection of family and matrimonial law and the LGBTQ community.  

FMLS members have exclusive access to an online discussion group--the first-ever forum for LeGaL--in which LGBTQ-client-focused family and matrimonial law practitioners can connect and engage with one another.

Members also enjoy early access to tickets for all events hosted by the Section.

The original members of the Family and Matrimonial Law Committee have become the Steering Committee.  Unlike the Steering Committee, which will oversee the FMLS, the FMLS has no required time commitment.  However, members with a particular interest are encouraged to reach out to the Steering Committee with ideas and suggestions, and the Steering Committee is happy to accept a greater level of involvement from any interested FMLS members.

All LeGaL members in good standing are welcome to be part of the FMLS.  If interested in joining the FMLS, please follow this link to a brief online application.    
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Steering Committee at

LeGaL is thrilled to play a role in fostering a more cohesive community of LGBTQ-client-focused family and matrimonial law practitioners.  We hope you will join our efforts in creating a robust resource collection and a diverse dialogue about important issues affecting our clients and us.