Law Student Center Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program

Through the Mentoring Program, LeGaL seeks to foster the professional development of LGBT law students, while assisting mentees with navigating some of the unique issues that members of the LGBT community may confront during law school and at the beginning of their legal careers. Relaunched annually every fall, the Mentoring Program aims to reinforce a sense of community among members of the local LGBT legal community and enhance the skills and career prospects of participants.

For complete details on the program, please read the Mentoring Program Manual.


Attorneys who are admitted to practice in the NYC-metro area and LeGaL members in good standing are eligible to serve as mentors. To join LeGaL, or to renew your existing membership, please visit here. Attorneys considering serving as mentors are also encouraged to read the Attorney Fact Sheet.


Area law students who are members of LeGaL are eligible to register as mentees. To join LeGaL, visit the Law Student Membership page and select either a Premier Law Student Membership or our free Standard Law Student Membership.

*Registration for the 2017-2018 Mentoring Program has closed. For inquiries, please contact 

2017-2018 Mentoring Program Kickoff Reception at Paul Hastings